Music Instrument Store

Music Instrument Store

Morris Brothers is a Brisbane music instrument store that offers a wide-range of musical instruments both new and pre-loved, as well as on and offsite repair and maintenance services.

19+ Years of Experience

Brisbane’s #1 Music Store

High-quality, brand new and pre-loved musical instruments to choose from

One-Stop Music Store

At Morris Brothers, we have a large range of instruments for you to choose from. We have brand new, second-hand, and even rental instruments available. After the best? We carry some of the most renowned brands in the market today. We also have a selection of print music and accessories.

These are expertly curated and kept in stock for you, your students, or your children who are just starting.

Though you can easily purchase instruments online, nothing beats being able to hear its performance before buying it. Visit our store, try out a few instruments, and find the perfect one.

At our music instrument store, we deliver a complete buying experience. We have an online store and a physical brick and mortar store, as well as a showroom.

Our instruments – be it brand new, second hand or rented – can be felt and seen, inspected and heard by each customer if they wish. We also issue purchase warranties for our products.

Need help sourcing the right instruments for your band or orchestra requirements? Let us help you.

Repairs & Maintenance Services

Our music instrument store goes beyond selling you instruments. We also have an excellent repair and maintenance service department to assist customers with damaged instruments or those just needing polishing and cleaning up.

We have onsite, a piano and brass repair workshop, and offer appraisals, free restringing of violins (strings purchased from us), removal of stuck mouthpieces and more. We can also help you troubleshoot any issues or mechanical problems your instrument is experiencing and other services.

Our goal is to allow you to focus on learning how to play your instrument and continue making music. We will show our support by focusing on the condition and quality of your instruments – so you don’t have to.

Do you have an instrument that might be needing repair or sprucing up?

Why Choose Us

At Morris Brothers, we have a wide selection of musical instruments and specialised services for you to choose from.

But what makes us a complete music instrument store is our beloved staff that includes music teachers, repairers, and professional musicians.

When you visit Morris Brothers, you’ll be surrounded by a supportive group who share your passion for making music. They will give you experience-based advice – for free!

We can also refer you to the best music teachers and music groups and societies in and around Brisbane.