Are you looking to buy a flute? Morris Brothers Music Store has a great range of both new and quality ex-rental flutes for sale.  Combined with our friendly and knowledgable team of experts in store, it makes it so easy to buy a flute with confidence.

With a wide range of student and professional flutes for sale or to rent, we are sure you will find what you are looking for, and at the right price. Come in and see us, or you can buy flutes directly from our online store!


Pearl is Japan’s specialist flute maker, with every model featuring professional keywork, pointed cup arms and quality silver plating.  These instruments will help a student develop a precise playing technique, and produce a beautiful tone.

Pearl 500 Series:

The 500 series are the premium silver-plated range, perfect for those who want their children to experience superior tone and performance as compared to most student instruments.


Standard model, with professional keywork in a hard case.


Upgraded model with a split E key, in deluxe woodshell case with padded bag.



As per 505, but with a solid silver lip plate and riser for increased sweetness and warmth of tone.


Pearl 600 Series:

The 600 series have a solid silver headjoint, which is the most important section to improve tone.  All the other great Pearl features ensure this instrument will raise a student to a whole new level of performance.


Open hole intermediate flute with a split E key and open holes.



Upgrade model with B foot joint.


Pearl 700 Series:

The 700 series are an all solid silver construction, which will provide the richest tone.  A combination of open holes (which ‘warm’ the tone) and the sound purely connecting with silver will provide a lifetime of playing enjoyment.


Solid silver, with B foot joint, open holes, and superb tone.


Hand-made version, with white gold springs, drawn holes and incredible performance.  B foot joint, open holes.


Check with Morris Brothers for the best student prices.


Jupiter has been renowned as a quality school band instrument maker for many decades, and their flutes are loved around the world.  With precision engineering and a 5 year warranty, a Jupiter flute is a perfect student instrument to cover all school years.


Highly recommended by schools and teachers, this flute features split E key, premium silver plating, and deluxe case.



Manufactured by the builders of Jupiter’s famous instruments, the Nuova offers a reliable and free-blowing alternative for a student, at an affordable price with a three year warranty.

Nuova Flute

Entry level model from the maker of Jupiter, designed to provide a good tone and reliability for a beginner student.



The Suzuki woodwind instruments are from the other famous Japanese company, and are very popular with schools and teachers. Each instrument comes in a plush-lined flight-style case for added protection and peace of mind.

Masterclass Flute

Quality silver-plated model in a deluxe flight style, ultra-protective case.  This is the number 1 new student flute for under $500.



This famous long-established American instrument maker now has a new range specifically geared for the budget-conscious parent seeking a quality instrument for their student to start on. These instruments are reliable, have good tone, and will hold good resale value with the recognition of the brand.

Prelude Flute

Entry level model from Conn-Selmer to get students off to a good start.



The No. 1 American brand for many decades, with robust construction and lovely tone.

FL650 Flute

Affordable, yet high quality student flute, built to Armstrong specifications.  Split E key, premium silver plating, and deluxe backpack-style case, all for under $700.



TJ10X Flute

Quality silver-plated flute, with split E key and in deluxe wood shell case with lambswool outer bag.  Beautiful tone and easy to play. This English company has been producing one of the finest student flutes for years.  It is actually the model most chosen by those who compare the top student flutes in blind testing.  Set up in the UK.



We usually have many instruments that may have been used for from 3 months to 2 years in private rental.  These cost-subsidised instruments will save you up to 50% on the new price, yet all come to you professionally serviced, sterilised, and guaranteed for 12 months.

We had a customer who bought an 18 year-old Yamaha clarinet on Gumtree for $300.  It needed a total overhaul, including all pads and corks replaced (around $600 in total, meaning he in reality paid $900 for an 18 year-old student instrument.  Don’t make this mistake – remember that ANY instrument purchased privately will need to be serviced and sterilised to be safe to play.  This will cost a minimum of $120, so always add at least this to a private buy price – and you still have no warranty!