Maton Guitars

From a small backyard in 1946, Maton Guitars has grown into a true Australian success story, and is 100% Australian-founded, owned and operated with 60 employees in Melbourne celebra.  All Maton guitars are now constructed from all solid timbers, for a lifetime of playing enjoyment where the guitar just keeps getting better!

Morris Brothers is another proud Australian family, who support and recommend this world class range of guitars, showcasing our finest local timbers. Our special pricing and packages are to help make it easier for you to step up to this level of quality and performance.

Morris Brothers will match your best Maton price* (*guitar only, within Australia), and include our Maton Pro Pack.

Maton Australian EA80C

Solid blackwood back and sides neck, mulga fingerboard, UV cured finish. Solid spruce top or bunya for totally Australian woods. Australia map inlay on headstock. Ask for our special price!

Maton M80C

The Maton M-Series features Sapele tops, backs and sides. Sapele is an African tonewood (sometimes known as African Mahogany)which has become popular as a substitute for the now endangered Honduran Mahogany. The two woods are nearly identical tonally and aesthetically. The neck is Fijian Mahogany and the bridge and fingerboard are Indian Rosewood.

Mini Maton Series

The Mini Maton is a small-bodied guitar with a big voice, custom designed for its unique tonal qualities. Available in a range of options, including the famous Diesel model. Ask for our special price!

Maton S60

Maton have improved the neck geometry, bracing patterns and body construction of their acoustic guitars with stunning results.

Maton SR60 Series

The SR60 series are only entry level in name, with both acoustic and acoustic/electric being all solid guitars – solid spruce top, with solid Queensland maple back and sides.  From around $1,000, including a deluxe hard case, you may need to rethink your budget – you CAN afford your own handmade Australian Maton guitar!

Maton SR70 Series

Step up model to suit both the enthusiastic and the experienced performer.  Featuring the amazing AP5 Pro pickup (mic and under body pickup) and genuine Grover machineheads, this guitar has a solid upgrade spruce top and solid Victorian blackwood back and sides.  This timber combination gives both volume and clarity, and is a great all-round guitar.

Maton ECW80C

This all solid guitar (solid spruce top/solid Queensland maple back and sides) is designed to sound great, and continue improving with age, at a great value price. Ask for our special price!

Maton EBG808

The Maton BG808 series is in a smaller, folk-style shape that belies its big performance and projection. Featuring solid blackwood back and sides and AP5 pickup, it is ideal for stage or studio. Ask for our special price!

Maton SRS80C

Exceptionally comfortable body shape with Venetian cutaway, combined with solid western red cedar top and solid Victorian blackwood back and sides.  A beautifully warn guitar with excellent sustain, and fitted with the highest level AP5 Pro pickup for great live performance.

Maton Messiah EM100C

Flagship of the Maton range. Solid mahogany back, sides and neck, and highest grade of scalloped solid spruce top feature on a guitar to own for life. Ask for our special price!

Maton Performer Series

This thinner body, and very comfortable guitar will suit all ages, and is ideal both for the younger performer seeking superior performance, or adults wanting a super-comfortable guitar (yet full sized) to hold and play.  Solid Australian bunya top and solid Queensland maple back and sides gives you a unique ‘All Australia’ playing experience!

Maton Series/Stage Series

TE: Built to Tommy Emmanuel specifications. STAGE: made for big stage tone with minimal feedback. Guitars suited to the serious performers. Ask for our special price