Instrument Repairs

Morris Brothers Music Store offers a range of repairs and services designed to keep your instrument in top condition, and make your life a little easier.  Our skilled technicians provide quality, prompt and affordably priced services, many done on-site in our workshops.

Brass & Woodwind Repairs

You may not be aware, but two of the Morris brothers are highly skilled brass and woodwind repairers, with many years experience, trained in the USA.  Brass repairs are carried out in-store, and woodwind in a nearby facility.  From flutes to tubas, we can look after it, from a quality standard service, to full overhaul or dent repairs.

Current standard instrument service (flutes/clarinets/trumpets/trombones) – $130.00

Saxophone service – $150.00

Other repairs – quote on inspection

Just drop it in and we will ring you and let you know on completion.  In many cases, we can provide a loan instrument at minimal cost if required.

Guitar & Ukulele Restringing, and Repairs

Our resident guitarist will ensure your guitar is restrung professionally (with minimal tension change on the guitar neck), and check the action for just $20 + cost of strings (if strings bought from Morris Brothers).

You can also bring your guitar for neck adjustments, replacing machine heads and similar repairs, with 24 hour turnaround in many cases.

We provide the same service for ukuleles.  If you have generic strings on your uke, we can fit genuine Aquila Italian strings, which will give the uke a whole new improved tone and better tuning stability.  We can also advise on string selection to give you the tone you want.

Orchestral Strings Repair

We provide FREE restrings and tunings on your violins, violas, or cellos, with purchase of strings from Morris Brothers.  Why muck around with it yourself (or pay for this service elsewhere) – broken strings are costly to replace!

We also have an excellent repair service, and can professional set up your instrument for best performance.