Second Hand Music Store

Second Hand Music Store

Morris Brothers offers second hand and ex-rental musical instruments for customers on a budget.

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Second Hand Instruments For Sale

Planning on learning an instrument but not yet sure if you’ll like it or stick to your lessons?
Morris Brothers is a music store that Brisbane residents count on for high-quality, brand new instruments. However, we are also a second hand music shop with a carefully curated selection of previously loved and gently used instruments for those on a budget or are not yet fully committed to learning an instrument.

We only choose second hand instruments in the best and most pristine of conditions throughout Brisbane.

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Should I Buy A Brand New Or Second Hand Instrument?

When visiting a second hand music shop, you’ll be able to find a used version of any instrument for sale. Determining whether you should purchase your instrument used or brand new can be a difficult choice.

For digital instruments, at Morris Brothers, we recommend purchasing them brand new. This is because they incorporate new technology, this is especially the case for digital pianos, keyboards, and the like. These instruments are continually getting updated and are cheaper to produce. There is a chance that if you purchase them second hand, and they arrive damaged, it might cost more to pay for repairs, especially since warranties are usually non-transferrable.

Traditional instruments, on the other hand, can be purchased second hand. A violin, for example, has not changed in over 300 years, the technology is not really “new”. Hence, there is technically no difference between a 20-year-old violin versus one made a year ago.

What sets second hand instruments apart from brand new ones though would be the current condition it is in and if it was a high-quality, well-constructed instrument to start.

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Why Purchase Instruments From A Second Hand Music Store

Does buying a second hand instrument mean you are going to end up something old and worn down?

No, because we at Morris Brothers only handpick second hand instruments lovingly maintained and cared for by its owners.

Here are some reasons to purchase your instrument from a second hand music shop.


✔ Used instruments are more affordable than brand new and are perfect for those on a budget and beginners that are still unsure if they will continue lessons.

✔ Second hand instruments keep a higher value over more extended periods since they function just like newer instruments.

✔ It is a sustainable and eco-friendly solution.

✔ It assists and supports fellow musicians who might need extra funds by putting some of their additional instruments up for sale.


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Second Hand Music Store Buying Tips

Here are some things to look out for when buying instruments at second hand music shops.



It is generally better to buy a new digital piano than an old, worn-out acoustic piano if your budget is less than $2,000. A “bad” piano will only handicap a child’s musical development.


Some things to look out for with second hand pianos:

  • Spot signs of water and flood damage
  • Look for corroded strings and missing hammers
  • Check for insect damage


Trumpets & Trombones

Brass instruments generally last a long time as long as they are maintained properly.


Check for the following:

  • Stuck and seized valves due to neglect
  • Look for Red-rot (near-terminal metal corrosion that eats through from the inside) caused by lack of internal cleaning
  • Watch for bent trombone slides.


As a Brisbane music store with a brass repair workshop and on-site brass technician, we can assist you and help you avoid costly repairs.


Flutes, Clarinets, and Saxophones

For woodwind instruments, check out the condition of all pads and corks. Replacing them will set you back around $400-$600, which is more expensive than many of the brand new instruments.


Stringed Instruments

Look for cracks in the neck of violins and broken bows. For larger cellos, find cracks in the neck (close to the body) and fallen sound posts.

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